Friday, October 2, 2009


First a little about myself and my goals for this blog.

I spend 2 great years doing dog Rescue as HOTH-AR, Helping out the Homeless Animal Rescue. My goal was Molossers, but we ended up taking in alot more Pitties than anything else. I have nothing against pitties (I own one), don't get me wrong. But where we live they are a hard adoption. People who don't know the breed assume they are drug dealer dogs or fighters and there just isn't anyone that truely knows the breed. So due to the small adoption pool, being overwhelmed with all the local pitties and lack of Molossers that actually came through the area I closed down shop.

I continued to help out as best I could with local fosters, Breed ID's, transportation, and temp tests. But as happens with all rescuers the need to be back in the thick of it came calling.

So now I'm back, but this time we've narrowed our focus to the Dogo Argentino. This list, the Dogo Argentino Rescue Network, if for my Dogo Harley, so that her brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles can know the love she has.

Please help to make this list as short as possible. Thanks for stopping by.

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