Friday, October 2, 2009

Stark Co. Animal Warden, Canton, OH - (M)29 Adult

Breed on this guy is unknown. He's abit small for a Dogo, and he doesn't have a deep enough chest but he could still easily be a BYB Dogo, there are plenty of them in Ohio. Please don't let the fact that he may or maynot be dogo scare you he is definetly a big white goofy bully boy and he needs a home NOW.. I can't stress this enough. The shelter staff have been keeping this guy off the E-list but time is running out. Please please if you know someone or think you know someone that might be interested please pass on his info.
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  1. #29 is now Ralphie, he has been pulled from the pound. He's off death row and in temporary foster care. He needs a forever home or more permanent foster/rescue to take him. Please contact Dana or call (330)704-5319.

    PS him and his new pitty foster sister have been playing since they got home. So he is absolutely dog friendly!